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Education & Training


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital 

Philadelphia, PA

Neurological Surgery Internship & Residency

Sept-Dec 2014

Nagoya University Hospital 

Nagoya, Japan

Clinical Fellowship in Neurosurgery


Georgetown University School of Medicine

Washington, D.C.

M.D. Doctor of Medicine


Georgetown University Graduate School

Washington, D.C.

M.S. Master of Science in Physiology and Biophysics

Loyola University Chicago

Chicago, IL

BS - Bachelor of Science in Biology

BA - Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Publications - Presentations



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Awards - Honors

- 2013 -

Sugita Scholarship and Fellowship

Nagoya University Hospital, Japan

Dept of Neurological Surgery

- 2010  -

Ambassador of Neurosurgery

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Dept of Neurological Surgery

- 2009 -

Jesuit Award for Leadership and Service

Georgetown University School of Medicine

Office of Dean for Medical Education

- 2005 -

Physio Award for Academic Excellent

Georgetown University Graduate School

Dept of Physiology and Biophysics

- 2003 -

Delano Mellon Theology  Award

Loyola University Chicago

Dept of Theology

- 2003 -

Phi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society

Loyola University Chicago

Dept of Political Science

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