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Head CT Test

  What a Head CT Test Can Identify

Whether you have already had a head CT test or not, it’s important to have new ones. This ensures that John Styliaras Neurosurgeon can see the results as they are right now. CT tests can change from week to week, identifying what the true situation is.


When you are searching for a doctor near me to help you with a brain injury or an aneurysm, it’s critical that you work with someone who has expertise in the area. Dr. John Styliaras is a neurosurgeon who works with St. Luke’s.


We want to make sure that you get the help that you need after experiencing any kind of brain trauma. A head CT test will tell us about any swelling and brain bleeds that are in place. It will also identify if there is a skull fracture.


Whether you have been dealing with extreme headaches, you’ve had a stroke, or there’s something else going on, a CT test should be conducted to ensure that all aspects have been identified. Otherwise, a serious issue could go undiagnosed, leading to brain injury or even death down the road.


One of the reasons why we schedule a CT is that it offers a 3D image of the skull and brain. These x-rays make it easier to establish a diagnosis and determine what the best form of treatment is going to be. In some instances, a CT may be taken several times over treatment to see whether there are improvements.


When you’re getting ready to find a doctor near me to offer you the kind of help that you need to overcome an injury, we’re here for you. Not only do we have the expertise, but we also have the state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Styliaras.

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