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Sciatica Doctor

  How a Spine Trauma Doctor Can Help

Spina trauma can be devastating. Not only does it result in a significant amount of pan but it can also result in numbness and weakness. Finding a spine trauma doctor will make it easier to learn what your options are to gain full use of your spine again while also alleviating pain.


At John Styliaras Neurosurgeon, we’re able to provide you with the diagnosis and treatment plan that can provide real results. As a doctor with St. Luke’s, I’m an expert in the areas of spine trauma, the sciatica nerve, and more. I’ve helped countless individuals and I look forward to helping you, too.


By working with a sciatica doctor, you can avoid being given a generic treatment plan. Everyone is different and, therefore, everyone needs to have a treatment plan that focuses on what’s really going on.


A number of x-rays and other tests can be run in order to see higher-level imaging. This way, a spine trauma doctor can find out just what kind of trauma is in place. However, it’s not just the imaging. It’s also listening to you talk about what it is that you’re experiencing. Do you have numbness? Tingling? Pain? Weakness? All of this will be used to establish a diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment.


Particularly with sciatica, it can disrupt your life because the pain will usually radiate on only one side of the body. There may be hope for you, but it starts by scheduling an appointment.


Let us talk to you about the trauma, the pain, and the issues that you have been dealing with. Through medication, PT, and surgery, there may be solutions that can help to alleviate your symptoms and help you to regain more of your life again once and for all.

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