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  Get Help from Hydrocephalus and More

Each and every day, kids and adults alike are diagnosed with hydrocephalus. This can lead to a number of physical signs and symptoms, which requires having the issue addressed immediately. Otherwise, the symptoms will get worse. It can lead to a significant amount of pain and, potentially, cause death if left untreated.


John Styliaras Neurosurgeon has experience treating NPH normo-pressure hydrocephalus, allowing many people to lead normal lives. If you haven’t already received a diagnosis, you will want to get an appointment immediately if you suspect that this is what you (or a loved one) is suffering from.


Some of the most common physical signs and symptoms of hydrocephalus include deficits in muscle tone, poor response to touch, seizures, irritability, and vomiting. This can vary from person to person. Additionally, the head may appear swollen, identifying that there is even more fluid in place.


The treatment for NPH Normo-Pressure Hydrocephalus can vary from person to person based on how long it has been going on, the level of fluid that has built up in the brain, and more. In many instances, it involves a surgical procedure where a drainage system is inserted near the brain.


The most important thing is to get the condition under control. It is chronic, and if left untreated, it can be fatal. The pressure in the brain will increase profoundly since the skull is rigid. By learning how to control hydrocephalus with the help of a doctor, you can go on to lead a normal life with only nominal limitations.


Whether you have already been diagnosed with hydrocephalus or you suspect that you are suffering from it, we invite you to schedule a consultation. This will allow Dr. Styliaras the opportunity to provide a full diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment.

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