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Cranial Surgeon

  The Benefits of Visiting a Head Trauma Doctor

Head trauma can happen at any time. It happens on the athletic fields, in car accidents, in the military, and even during a trip and fall. When you haven’t been yourself since the trauma, it can be advantageous to visit a head trauma doctor.


John Styliaras Neurosurgeon specializes in a number of areas, including traumatic brain injury. As a cranial surgeon, there is the expertise in place to run a number of tests and provide various procedures in order to get you back on track.


In many situations, time is of the essence with a head trauma. You don’t know what’s happening inside of that head of yours. Depending on the level of trauma that was sustained, there could be damage to the skull, the cervical spine, as well as the brain itself.


If there are bleeds, you need to make sure that they are addressed immediately. Clots and other issues can lead to a stroke, paralysis, and even death. Additionally, there may be other issues that can occur if you don’t get treated immediately or properly.


It’s all the more reason to turn to a head trauma doctor. It allows you to get the treatment that you need, including a full diagnosis of what’s going on and why. I prefer to treat the whole body, so I’m never going to look solely at the head. It ensures that everything associated with your injury is addressed so that other problems don’t arise later on.


When it’s necessary, I am a cranial surgeon. This allows me to be the one to conduct the surgery since I’m the one that is most familiar with your case. It ensures that you’re in good hands and can get the best possible outcome for what it is that you’re dealing with.

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